Seizure-free for almost 6 weeks!

Brooklyn saw Dr. Lane yesterday. He is so kind and thorough. You can tell he loves what he does, he remembers to ask about how my leg is doing. That is neat. He said she looks great, she has some delay in response to sensory stimuli on the left side of her face.  Her blood pressure was high at 186/58. She is seizure-free for almost 6 weeks!!!!! Sunday will be 6 weeks. I just have to say how important it is to get your dog looked at immediately if you see anything like what brookies seizures looked like. I’d also recommend an emergency fund or pet insurance if you can swing it. My personal circumstances did not allow for that. I am facing more surgery on my leg and still am unable to work. If you can spare any Donations towards her bill, I would be ever so grateful, and would send you a thank you card from Brookie and I if you would like. I am doing the best I can for what situation I am in. God bless you all and thank you for sharing her story. IMG_0899IMG_0899


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