This little dachsie had a rough week!

  Brooklyn had a seizure filled week. 4 seizures over the course of 4 days! Poor baby. They happened in all times of the day this time, instead of just during the hours of 7-8:30PM. She had two on Sunday! She had a long post-ictal period Sunday night. I came home to find her not in her chair. She always is on her chair. I walked up to the window to find her unable to get into the chair. It was like she couldn’t control her legs!

Dr.Lane was concerned with the multiple seizures so he added chlorazepate $55 to her medication regemine. I also ordered refills of her potassium bromide and her zonisimide.  Diamondback drugs is a compounding Veteinary pharmacy in Arizona. I told them about the compounding issue with her zonisimide where the flavor separated out. I also requested a different flavor this time around for her potassium bromide.  

 It’s a salt based solution so my guess is beef wasn’t the best choice. Brooklyn always tries to spit that one out. So she has those two meds and her amlodopine coming soon. I hope these flavored work out better. I was having trouble with her very small dose of amlodopine and asked if they could compound it. They can! I will post those totals when I get them. They’ll contact me when they ship her meds out. I would cut these tiny pills into 1/4th’s and half the time it would basically disintegrate. So let’s hope this new medication helps. I want my baby to feel better. Her donations have stalled, please share her page, Donate if you can. She is such a special dachshund. Thank you and God bless you! 


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