More infections..poor Brookie

Brooklyn has been acting like she needs to use the restroom more, and has swelling “there”. I won’t get too personal, but needless to say she needed to have it looked at. I am glad I took her in! We just got back from Doc Tony Henderson, her family vet at Fox Hollow Animal Hospital. He said she has cystitis, vulvitis and possible UTI. Poor baby. He said it is probably the stress of all of the new health struggles she has to deal with, as well as all the meds. Just want she needs, more meds right? So on some antibiotics, sudsy warm rinses and bag balm for dogs. NO ADDITIONAL SEIZURES though!! So thats great! Brookie and I appreciate your continued support, prayers, shares and  Donations.

I am working on a few videos and should get them posted soon. Thank you!!


One Comment Add yours

  1. Kelly Young says:

    Glad to hear no seizures and she is so lucky to have to as “her Mom” 😊


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