Wednesday night seizures

We’re getting ready to head upstairs Wednesday night. I’m in the kitchen, and Brooklyn heads out to go out her doggie door. She then veers off to the right like she was being pulled by reins. She then laid down on the floor and started seizing. I laid down next to her, and just talked her through it. Then in bed, she acted like she wasn’t all there, had her seizure eyes. It is so hard to watch this happen and not be able to stop it. I really need to get her potassium bromide serum level drawn. It’s $181! I know that may seem like nothing, but on top of over $6500, $181 is a lot. Please help me keep taking excellent care of her. She’s extremely precious to me. Please DONATE if you can. Thank you and God Bless you.

Brooklyn being such a good little patient. Receiving her Potassium Bromide.

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